Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Towards More Meaningful E-Mail Forwards

Towards More Meaningful E-Mail Forwards

Forwarded E-Mails are a fact of life. I am sure all of us receive at least a couple of forwarded E-Mails everyday. It is one thing to receive meaningful and interesting E-Mails that are profitable and convey something that you really did not know about. It is another matter when you receive stale, obscure jokes and links that are just plain annoying.

If you are forwarding any E-Mail or links, make sure that you indicate why you are forwarding it to them and how you think that it could be profitable and of use to them. In an instant, the recipient knows that you care about their time and will appreciate the fact that you yourself took time to think about their requirement and interests. It is definitely a way to further your relationship with the recipient.


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